Méversible by  Mélanie Fontaine


Hello everyone,

                            Here is the result of many years of

experiments through this vast world of textiles and

designs. I created my very first Méversible hat on the

15th of January 2006. I wore it out that night and

was enchanted with the compliments I received. I

then went back home and made a few more for my

friends and family. It is my passion for creativity as

well as the encouragement I received from dear

friends of mine that gave me the energy to start this

wonderful little business.

Welcome to the MEVERSIBLE web site!

  I am a self taught hat 

maker, although my 

mother Johanne Fontaine 

gave me a good start

teaching me sewing

techniques and practical

tips as to how to make my

own clothes, hats and

anything I could think of at

a young age.


e  Each and every Méversible hat has its own characteristics and personal touch. And remember, they are all reversible!! I have never made two identical hats which leaves you all with a unique and specially designed hat... made with love and care.

See an exemple of  Meversible s reversible hats